Never Pay Again
for Web Hosting &
Custom Domain

We unlocked it for you. Works with any sites.
(WordPress, Webflow, Wix, Ghost, etc.)

It's free! No credit card required.

Use case

1) You need to create a landing page as fast as possible

So you come to or to create the landing page without code.

2) But you find that their free-tier is very limited

You can't change to the custom domain, and the bandwidth or pageviews is limited too.

3) Site2Static solves it for you

Feel free to change the custom domain, and enjoy 100GB bandwidth per month.

What will you get

Instant Page Load

Site2Static using a world-class CDN from Netlify, it can render your whole site just in seconds.

Top-notch Security

No need to worry about your sites being hacked since you have no remote server.

HTTPS-enabled Custom Domains

Bring your own domain, so your sites will be looked more professional.

100GB Bandwidth/month

Enjoy an enormous amount of bandwidth, you don't need to think about traffics.


Site2Static optimized all pages for you, so you can focus more on the contents.

99.99% Guaranteed Uptime

Yup, no downtime! Meaning that your sites will be always accessible.

How it works


Enter your website link

Yup, it's that simple.


We deploy your site

Just wait, and we will do the heavy-process.


Enjoy your cloned site

But with your custom domain!

Who made this

Lutfi Dwica


A JavaScript Developer
that has 3 years of experience working at
one of the largest e-commerce startup in Indonesia.
Now starting journey to become an indie maker/developer.


Is it for me?

Yes, if you currently running a site on Wordpress, Webflow, Wix, or Ghost. But you find that in their free-tier is really limited about custom domain and bandwidth. We literally unlock it for you!

How much the cost?

Free, you can clone your sites right away and add your custom domain.

When I will be able to use it?

You can use it right away, but we still in beta, so it's far from perfect, but we're trying at best.

Is it production-ready?

Yes, we even use Site2Static to clone and host this landing page (dogfooding!).

How it can detect changes on my sites?

Don't worry, this feature will be available soon.

It can handle form submissions?

Currently no, but we still working on it.

Did we miss your question?

Feel free to send an email at

Ready to never pay for web hosting?

It's free! No credit card required.

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